Savage Hog Hunter

So I had a Weaver 6.5-20×44 laying around the house and decided it needed to live on something. Well I have been wanting a bolt 308 for reasons, not sure what they are, but they exist. Enter the Savage 10 Hog Hunter. This is a medium contour barrel threaded in 5/8×24 (not as heavy as full on Bull), AccuTrigger at 2lbs (best thing out of the box), and a horrible stock. I saw the stock is horrible, some people like it (i’d agree with them but then we would both be wrong).

First things first had to clean up the rifle. This one had been put together a little while ago because it had a good bit of dried oil all over, so took the action out of the stock and cleaned everything up really well. Then got the weaver scope base setup on the action, very nice piece. Used only blue loctite on this as I wanted it to stay but wasn’t sure if I was going to change it out. Then the Weaver 6.5-20×44 in the Burris PEPR, which I wouldn’t typically use on a bolt rifle, but 44mm is large (also wasn’t sure if it is staying with this rifle). This worked out pretty well, again with the blue loctite. A little bore laser sighting to get the scope close and then we were done.

Finally, we are at the bench rest. (FIRST PIC! because I am a hamplanet and forgot)

Well the whole sighting in the scope close with the bore laser was completely off. I mean whole other county off. I knew this off the shelf Perfecta Ammo, which is only $13 a box here, wasn’t the best but certainly not that bad. So got out the trusty ole Redfield kit and got the crosshairs in the ballpark. Then fired another 3.

The three on the left there were the first three on target. 1″ at 100. Not what I wanted but not using match ammo or hand loads so not complaining. So a little more adjusting (this scope is setup in 1/8 so 56 clicks to the right and 16 clicks up), and we got the center shot there. (I jerked the top shot.)

Well all in all when we got to 14 rounds the rifle was doing sub MOA consistently with the bottom barrel ammo, so we ran the remaining 6 rounds and put 6 more of my buddies hand rolled 168gr Barnes VOR-TX hunting loads. It honestly didn’t perform as well, which is not surprise as this is a 19.5″ barrel and he has those setup for a 22.5″ barrel (yes boys length matters). Also this rifle does not like my 9mm suppressor (have to wait until my Silencerco Harvester to come in)

SO over all this $450 rifle is great out of the box, however only a couple things I am going to change. First is isn’t box fed, which for me is annoying. My sausage fingers weren’t dexterous enough to quickly load the stock mounted magazine through the action. Also the stock to me is awful, useable, but awful all the same. It is free floated and that is fine, but again it flexes all over the place and feels like it would break if I squeeze it too hard. This will be changed. Finally the Weaver 6.5-20×44 (the whole reason for the build) while pretty clear has no forgiveness on the eye relief. Either you are right on, or you cannot see anything. The tiniest movement will upset your shot.