AUKEY Optic Pro

I have been testing out this AUKEY lens on my LG V10 and I really have mixed feelings about it.


First the box and packaging of the lens suited my sensibility well since it was secure yet without a lot of superfluous boxes, material, and wasted space.  Everything in the description of the lens came with mine in very good condition (as you would expect since it is new).   My first complaint is here though, since the lens cover (rubber) does not fit the lens well and will fall off.  Additionally, it is so tight shallow the lens itself will rub the inside of the cover and if it isn’t clean you will get scratches.   Personally I think the side wall of the lens cover should be doubled in height.  The pouch and wipe are adequate for the price and use of the lens.






I have a Body Glove case on the LG V10, however with the way the camera protrudes from the back there isn’t any interference with the case itself.   The alignment is hyper-critical on the lens though, anything less than perfect will lead to suboptimal and blurry pictures.  I really cannot stress this enough, as it usually takes about 10-15 seconds to properly align it each time I put it on the phone, and sometimes after it is already on the phone since it can move slightly.  The foam base of the lens sat well on my cameras surface without marking it up in the least (solid plus there).  I do feel the clip that secures the lens to the phone seems a little flimsy but it hasn’t failed yet with about 20-25 installs on various phones.


Once I had the lens positioned correct on the phone I went out for a little walk and took a few photos.  At first I had a little difficulty getting the camera to focus correctly, so I flipped over to manual mode, which helped tremendously.   I later really examined my lens placement and found it was off just a bit to the left, which I corrected and auto focus worked out Okay.   The Panorama shots I really enjoyed because you can capture your whole view with only a few movements.  I do have to complain (and it is really the nature of this design not Aukey’s Fault) but anything but the focal point will become increasingly blurrier as you move to the outside of the frame.   This does offer a good “cheap” solution to fish eye or wide angle shots without dropping the big bucks on a real camera.


This is a solid product that generally works about as well as one could hope.   The lens itself seems to be of solid construction without any major flaws in build quality.  There are a few things I would change which are mentioned above, but if you are looking for a wide angle lens or “fisheye” for your mobile this isn’t a bad way to go.  This is my own opinion with no brand influence.


Sample Images:





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