It seems I am always in need of more USB ports, no matter what device or how I try and consolidate.   This port replicator does a pretty superior job in delivering the additional ports without compromising the speed of the bus.



The packaging from Aukey I actually always enjoy, and I know this is trivial to most folks, but they don’t wait space.   There isn’t a huge box with a ton of insulation material and what not, it is a small simple recycled cardboard box with just enough space for the device.  I know this is saving them money which is the main reason for them using it, but as a person who buys and receives a number of devices, items, and gizmo’s I appreciate it.

Now the device itself was built Okay, however it is nothing to write home about.   The construction was lighter than I like in a device, but some could argue that is the point.  I still like feeling weight to an object because weight always means things are built stronger right…  (kidding).   Anyway after a month of use this little hub is still holding up well.   I cycle the connections daily as I plug it in to the computer, throw on my hard drives and phone, work all day, then disconnect everything to toss in the backpack.

The sockets still have a very positive connection without any sign of aging or wear, and the speed of the data transfers are unwavering.  Really the slowest part of that whole transfer is probably the bus speed on the laptop.

For the $15 price tag this is much better than the Belkin I previously purchased and it a little more usable for me.

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