Puşcă Semiautomată cu Lunetă

No it’s not a spam post, it is the actual name of this rifle, “Semi-Automatic Rifle with Scope?”  Generally this is an over sized AK (kinda) in 7.62x54r which is the same round you fire out of the Mosin 91/30 or M44.  There are a number of names this goes by over here; PSL, FPK, Dragonuv, ROMAC-3, etc.  All of those actually are a little different but lets start with we actually have.
Per the Receiver this is a FPK Dragonuv *Spoilers* It’s not *Spoilers*, Made in Romania via TGI in Knoxville TN.
Now do the proper research here is what we are actually looking at.  A Romanian PSL receiver imported and put together with milsurp parts at TGI in Knoxville TN.  This is know by what the stamping is and where it is located.   This information was gleaned from http://www.designatedmarksman.net/romanian_psl.html.
Personally I think this is the second best configuration coming behind the Cigur Arsenal built rifle, but that is me and I haven’t got to send anything down range with this yet either.
Anyway enough talk, here are a few pictures.
Probably going to bust out the heater Saturday and clean up that wood.  Then a little Amber shellac as the stock is wearing thin.

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